Monday, July 16, 2012

Camping Recap, Part I

Goodness! I missed Funny Monday this week! I guess I'm just wiped out from chasing Milo around. He had an absolute blast camping, truly; he ran around like a maniac, sniffing, chasing, jumping, and (thankfully) sleeping! 

Here is a rare shot of Milo sitting in one place, surveying his domain:

When he wanted to rest, he worked his way into the tent and Kendall's bed.
(Sorry about the sand, dirt, and sticky dampness, Kendall; you're an awesome sister.)

He slept overnight in his kennel (which he has really grown to like), 
but morning naps were spent snuggling.

As for canoeing and fishing, Milo does not appreciate wind in his face, 
as is evident here:

but he found refuge in the pile of life preservers in the bottom of the boat.

Today, sadly, I've discovered the downside of taking a 9-week-old puppy camping,
during which he pretty much gets to pee wherever and whenever he feels like it for four days.

Yeah, that new carpeting we got a few months ago? Not so new anymore....

Stay tuned for more pics!

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