Monday, October 29, 2012

Funny Monday: Dog on a Stick

By now, you may know that I have a sick sense of humor, which is why I found this video hilarious.

Warning: If you are a big animal lover and can't even bare the thought of a dog even being fake-harmed, then don't watch this video, but know that no actual, live dogs were harmed during the filming of this JustforLaughsTV gem.

Have a spear-free, happy Monday! :)


  1. Omg I love the peoples reactions! Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks for sharing these. Sooo funny!

  3. I was trying to imagine what my reaction would be... I'd positively be in tears and apologizing. Some time to pet the real dog and a mighty big latte would help me recover. :)

  4. ouch, even stuffed puppies get boo boo's. ;-)


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