Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mostly-Wordless Wednesday: What Not to Crochet

I found these on a blog that my cousin Shannon shared: What Not to Crochet. Since it's Wordless Wednesday and many of these projects left me speechless, I thought it perfect content for today.



Fava beans, anyone?


Who doesn't need a dress cover for their dish detergent?!


Actually, I think this one is kinda cute for this time of year.


I found the commentary on What Not to Crochet laugh-out-loud funny.
I also found some Rated P-13 (or maybe R?)  patterns that some might find offensive,
so visit at your own risk. 

It's probably good that I don't have time to crochet...


  1. I do like the baby beard! Otherwise - what are these people thinking?!

  2. I know how to crochet, but it is limited to blankets. Even if I knew how to do types of things you have shown, there is no way I would even attempt it! Funny though!

  3. Love the baby however i would rather wrap him in one of my baby afghans.

  4. You had me at the first picture.

  5. The baby beard sure beats the soup dress thing. I wonder if you work bushy eyebrows into it.

  6. Love the baby funny! I guess it gets boring making blankets after awhile!

  7. I once saw a gal in a little yellow crochet bikini dive in and her suit did things that's simply indescribable. 'Just sayin'.

    I to adore the baby beard...cute!

    God bless ya and have a super evenin' sweetie! :o)

  8. That baby beard is awesome! The saggy baggy undies? Not so much! And crocheted bikinis are cute but they are NOT made for swimming!

  9. Ha hA! I spent time with my aunt yesterday, who knits and crochets a lot lately as she has been ill. She also loves to laugh. I will have to show her some of these patterns. A few on the other site she would laugh at, but maybe not in front of me. I would let her enjoy her laughs alone at the more risque items.

  10. I wasn't sure what #1 is SUPPOSED to be - - - bathing suit? Teddy with matching undies??? Exercise outfit???

    No clue, but it DOES give a new visual to the expression "droopy drawers."

  11. Oh my goodness the first one is just awful. I never understood the idea of crochet dresses for soap, plungers and toilet paper??
    The baby beard...I'm not sure.

  12. Haha! Glad you got a kick out of it. The kiddie beard is cute but that was about it. :)

  13. Haha! Glad you got a kick out of it. The kiddie beard is cute but that was about it. :)


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