Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monkey Business, Artie-Style

You may remember that there is a little routine after the morning announcements at the middle school at which I teach, called the Lame Joke of the Day. You may even remember reading Ask a Dangerous Question, a post about a student of mine, "Chuck", who occasionally got to help the principal read the joke. For those who don't know or remember, that incident did not go well, as Chuck rarely used a social filter, and the principal made the "mistake" of asking him an open-ended "How was your weekend?" The rest is middle school history.

Well, 6th grader Artie recently began listening to the Lame Jokes of the Day and has decided that he would like to contribute. Needless to say, Artie has a ways to go before he could be trusted to answer the question, "How are you today?" off-the-cuff, over the loudspeaker, without giving the principal a heart attack or creating some kind of uproar, (He regularly says whatever enters his head, because he enjoys getting reactions out of his peers.).

On Friday, I encouraged Artie to contribute by sharing a joke with the principal; students are welcome to stop by the office with their suggestions.  His eyes lit up devilishly, and he rushed for the nearest paper on which to write his offering.

I wish you could have heard him laugh when he read it; it was his own creation, and he thought it was absolutely hilarious. I have to admit; I think it's pretty cute. I wonder if it'll get chosen.


  1. that reminds me don't you owe me some bananas - I've been monkeying around long enough now.

    I'm rooting for Artie

  2. You're so funny, Bill! Yes! We have no bananas! We have no bananas today!

  3. Here's the thing. IF Artie gets picked do you honestly think he will tell that particular joke and not something else to get a rise out of the student body?

  4. and I still can't figure out how to link my blog to my comment. You know who I am though, right? That's what's important is that you know who I am when I comment.

  5. Are you logged into Disqus when you comment, though? (just curious)


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