Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday Fragments: Episode #232

Mommy's Idea

I'm going to keep this intro like an oompa loompa (short).
Welcome to Friday Fragments!
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***"This website deserves to win an award!" No, Kendall was not referring to Half-Past Kissin' Time; she was having some trouble understanding some of her physics class material that she missed while in the Bahamas. It just wasn't clicking for her, but then she visited PhysicsEH's YouTube Channel. The next day, she went to class and took the test (same day as the rest of the class) and scored an A! She highly recommends the channel for all of you physics freaks out there.

***Speaking of Kendall, tonight she said, "Mom, I'm not gonna lie---I wish you would blog more often." Is that sweet, or what?! Obviously, she hadn't looked at my blog recently, because I busted several posts out this week.  I just didn't have much to say last week, what with the insane schedule I was on. This week, I'm breathing a little easier and shared a cute voicemail, movie recommendation, and joke from my mom, along with a sweet little Milo story and pic, among other posts.

***Typically, I don't post just to post; you'll never read a NABLOMO post (or whatever it's called--I have no idea what those letters stand for) on this post; I just don't feel the pressure.

***Guess who's back to blogging? TWO of my favorite bloggers: Kristin, The Goat AND Yaya, now of Today Is the Day. Don't be afraid to pop over and welcome these ladies back to Blogland!

***Steve limped on and off last weekend, and we took him in for x-rays today. He apparently has panosteitis, which he will eventually outgrow. In the meantime, we have anti-inflammatories and pain medication for which Mr.4444 had to give his birthdate before they'd let him have it; apparently, drug seekers have taken to pimping their pets out for drugs at vet offices these days. Unbelievable.

***Speaking of drug seekers, my dentist told me that she was once tricked by a drug seeker into doing a root canal on a tooth that turned out to be perfectly healthy. She was mortified. Can you imagine?!

***I'm taking my Mrs.4444's Nice List Christmas gift list down from my sidebar soon. If you knew me a month or so ago and didn't read it, you should check to see what I got you! :)

***Mr.4444, Kendall, and I have loved having Kyle home for the past few weeks; our family is just not complete without him. Even the dogs adore him. We're all going to miss him when he heads back to school this weekend.

***Okay, that's it for me. I'm looking forward to catching up with you. Here's the linky: (and do me a favor, please; if I haven't stopped by your place lately, will you please add an asterisk* to your name so I can start with you when I make some rounds this weekend? Thanks!)

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  1. Pimping pets for drugs? That's definitely one I haven't heard before. I'm trying to get back into blogging after numerous hosting issues. I think I posted twice this week. Woohoo!


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