Monday, November 4, 2013

Living Green and Gold

When you're born in Green Bay, you're pretty much fed green and gold milk from the time you can suckle, but we pretty much come out of the womb wired to root for The Pack

When I asked for photo proof on Facebook, there was no lack of evidence offered by friends and family.


and the indoctrination continues throughout childhood.

The community-owned Green Bay Packers unite all of us for months that would otherwise be long, cold, and boring.  Wearing green and gold, everyone in Green Bay is your friend, and you speak a language without even saying a word when passing strangers any place in town. Even when wearing Packers gear in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago, we were greeted warmly by Packers fans we did not know and instantly made new friends.

Of course, there's the occasional defector, but there are ways around that (my sister-in-law made these):

but mainly, a Packers fan is a Packers fan for life.

Going to a game at Lambeau is a thrill.  According to Wikipedia, if you put your name on the Packers season ticket waiting list today, your name should be called in about 955 years.  Before the ink on each grandchild's birth certificate was dry, Grandpa 4444 had put his/her name on the Packers season ticket waiting list. Kendall is currently at 11, 961, so she just may see her ticket offer during her lifetime.

Because Mr.4444's dad passed his season tickets on to him, we have the luxury of going to many of the home games. Luxury indeed; owners of season tickets must first pay a licensing fee (when you first get them) and then find the money to pay for the season's tickets every year after that. If you can't come up with the money, you have a few options:

*Sell your tickets to the Packers organization for year
*Give up your season tickets permanently
*Sell one of your kids

Every year, when the bill comes due (in early winter), Mr.4444 and I have the same argument; I say we can't afford the tickets, and he tells me he wants a divorce. Only kidding, of course, but man I hate paying for those tickets!  Finally, I cave when Mr.4444 agrees to sell some of the games' tickets, which is what he did for tonight's game against the Chicago Bears.  We'll be rooting (loudly) from the couch.


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