Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Empty Nester Advantages, Part 2

A month or so ago, I wrote Empty Nester Advantages, and since then, I've discovered some more examples.

Chore negotiations are less stressful. Mr.4444, having lost is last child slave lawn mowing child to college, had mowed the lawn twice before casually lofting a "So, when are you going to take your turn on the lawn?" into the living room air. I let it land no place in particular and didn't even look up. A moment later, I offered, "As soon as you take a turn with the laundry, I'll take a turn with the lawn; nice try, though." He smiled, and we compromised; he is now doing more grocery shopping. I've mowed the lawn once or twice and continue to do the laundry. It works for me; I hate grocery shopping.

The kids never did the snow blowing; that's one of my husband's favorite jobs, so unless I am snowed in, I aim to pretend I don't even know how to start the thing.

The house stays cleaner longer, now.

It takes days for the dishwasher to be full enough to run, and there's one less bathroom to clean.

And my favorite? No school lunch account to put money in every month!

What have I missed?

Care to Join Me?

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