Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #304

Half-Past Kissin' Time


There are four more student school days left. (Teachers go one day longer.)
I'm hanging on by a thread here.
Purging the loose bits and pieces of my brain should help.
Thanks for being here!


Change of kitten plans! Since Mr.4444 and I now have big vacation plans (Cozumel in July), we don't want to have a new kitten and leave it home alone for a week, so we are now waiting for this little cutie (available in late July), instead. 

And, for those interested, his name is either Edwin, or Theodore (Ed or Ted) or Emmett--We haven't decided yet.

Speaking of cuties, here's the little brother of the cutie you met in last week's fragments. Meet Madrone.

Madrone is a flirt, btw. I tried to hide him as his parents and brother packed up to leave, but they found him. I'm guessing his parents looked harder than his brother


A friend of ours lost his dear cat last week. They had a little game in which the cat sat on the open clothes dryer door while he folded laundry. Sadly, one afternoon, Meatloaf apparently got into the dryer itself without anyone noticing, and when our friend reached in and found the clothes in there still damp, he quickly shut the door, turned the dryer on, and walked away. His wife found the badly-injured cat 15 minutes later. I share this as a warning to keep your appliance doors closed at all times. Our friend is suffering terribly over his mistake and wants no one else to have to go through it.

If you've never seen my dog Milo's mom, check out my Gap Dog Milo post from yesterday.
I'm pretty sure you've never seen any dog like her.

Mr.4444 was in a German restaurant (in Germany), entertaining customers last week when it suddenly became loud with emergency vehicles outside the restaurant. Authorities evacuated them due to the construction workers' discovery of a 500-pound, undetonated bomb, presumably from World War II! At the next restaurant, upon hearing their tale, the staff told them that that happens all the time. Unfortunately, said Mr.4444, he hadn't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, or he would have been able to diffuse the bomb ad avoid displacing everyone. Maybe next time...


Sometimes, when I'm exerting myself in exercise, I wonder if it's doing any good, if I'm working hard enough to have any impact. An example is riding my bike--it's so easy, you know? Or doing crunches (which I rarely do). Then I think about how impossible it was to pedal a bike or even sit up, for weeks after I had a C-section with Kyle, and I know that even small exercises are worth doing. If you're exercising even a little bit, it's having a positive impact; don't quit.


Note to self: Before you decide that it's finally safe to "let one rip" because your students have left for the day, make sure your students have left for the day! #didyouhearsomething?

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