Thursday, September 4, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #317

Half-Past Kissin' Time

You know how you often have thoughts about sharing something on your blog, but you decide they're not quite enough to merit posts? Fragments of posts, they are, but you you just don't want to toss them out like last night's leftover fish? With Friday Fragments, you don't have to! Share your leftovers here.
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In case you haven't heard, there's a very big football game on tonight (Thursday), so I am writing and posting this early so that I can focus on the festivities. Since I'm Green Bay born and raised, I'm a Packers fan. Last year, we got rooked in a game against Seattle (substitute refs), so this one's a grudge match. Also, I'm told the Packers have been picked by Sports Illustrated to win the Super Bowl this year, and since Seattle is the defending Super Bowl champ, this is sure to be an exciting game.

My post this week, Ready for School, was straight from my heart and cathartic to write; if you read it, thanks. If you missed it, I hope you'll have a chance to read it.

Regardless of what's in the news about terrorists, President Obama, etc. I just can't get away from the important part: Two groups of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, coworkers, etc. are completely devastated over the horrific, public, gutless murders of their loved ones. So disturbing!! I heard that the most recent victim's parents have behaved admirably; that's amazing.

There was a bus/car accident this week involving my school district. A passenger in the car died at the scene, and the car driver is in critical condition. The bus driver is relieved that none of the students he was transporting was seriously injured, but of course he is devasted; my heart aches for him.

I know it's a little early, but I think I can say "I survived the first week of school!" Actually, it's been really nice; we have a great group of sixth graders this year, and at this point I think they're all cute as heck.

 On the first day, I enjoyed visiting homerooms (so I could tell the story once, not 125 times) to share why I'm wearing my very ugly/huge sling. It was fun to see their faces as I began, "My husband and I went to Mexico this summer, and of course the ocean is next to Mexico. My husband insisted on going snorkeling. You know there are sharks in the ocean, right? Well......." Their alarmed, horrified! Of course, I told them what really happened, and it was fun to see their sheepish grins and eye rolls.

I think we've had about a summer's worth of rain in the past two days. I love thunderstorms!

I also love my colleagues at school. I'd forgotten that returning to work also meant returning to work with so many great teachers and administrators. Spoken like a teacher in September, right? Don't worry; I'll love them all for the duration, I'm sure. :)

My rotator cuff recovery is coming along very well, thanks in large part to my awesome husband taking beautiful care of me. I'm on the good side of the six weeks in a sling, and the best part? I have complete control of my digestive system again! Sorry if that's TMI, but if you've ever taken narcotics for pain relief, you know how glorious it is to be off them. Last week's massage on Friday blew me away, in terms of the benefit to my range of motion; I'm having a chair massage tomorrow and am excited about the potential benefit.

That's all for now...GO PACK! And now, for your fragging enjoyment...

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