Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sundays in My City: Family Finds

 Mr.4444 cleaned the garage today, and I helped a little bit. One thing that a one-armed helper can do is sort stuff. I had the pleasure of sorting a box full of junk that Mr.4444's dad had collected years ago, and we ended up with after he passed away. After sifting out the mouse poop and bedding, old newspaper sports sections (on the Green Bay Packers, of course), and random garbage, we ended up with some old books, football programs possibly worth saving, and these:

That's a couple of mouse-chewed Calumet (Michigan) pennants full of souvenir pins,
including small campaign buttons and other doodads from decades past, 

in addition to some miscellaneous trinkets, and three antique cameras.

There was also this, which I love. (It's about 6" x 18".)

I really love that this vintage trivet was made in the good ole USA.

Isn't it a curious piece of culture?
I'd love to know the man or woman who created it.

Wikipedia says that crank, in this context, is a "Yorkshire" phrase, 
and Ebay says it's only worth about $12,
 but I think it'd be a priceless artifact to a wife or two, though certainly not me!
While researching it, I also found this funny one:

My favorite find in grandpa's box of "junk" is this very special metal serving tray,
 which has already found a place in our home decor.
How fun is this?!

Because I don't get out much these days,
especially now that school has started,
my photos are not from my "city,"
but because they represent the culture of this part of the country in some ways,
this is my contribute to this week's Sundays in My City, hosted by the lovely Unknown Mami.

Unknown Mami

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