Monday, September 8, 2014

Heard in the Classroom: September So Far

At the beginning of the school year, we give our 6th graders a Google Form survey in order for us to get to know them a little better. The questions cover topics like what they like/dislike about school, how their summers went, what they hope to get better at this year, etc. Students give their names, of course.

The last question we asked on this year's form was:

If there's anything you're worrying a lot about (in or out of school)?

We explained that they did not have to share something; the question was optional. Here are some of the responses we received:

I'm not really worrying about anything
Getting to classes on time and remembering what I need
I am not good at MATH.
Being in a class with no one I know
I'm not really worried about anything
Not being good at reading
I'm going to miss a class.
Worried about being late.
I am worried that when I die I won't go to heaven and see my dad.

Broke. My. Heart.

On a different note, one student (who was late today) explained it this way:

"Well, my family is a very sneaky one; I had to lie down in the back seat of the car for my grandma to drive me to school when I missed the bus. She was mad." 

My educated assumption, based upon other info I have learned: Grandma has no driver's license. We had a little talk about problem solving and seatbelts...

A former student of mine (around Kyle's age) passed away last week, most likely due to a drug overdose. Sadly, this news did not surprise me; his life was already quite tragic when I had him for sixth grade a while back. Teachers can only do so much to try and intervene; it's just not enough, sometimes. 

On a brighter note, a certain high schooler keeps stopping by the middle school on his way home in the afternoon. This clearly means that he felt cared for by at least one of us teachers; I'm glad that he stops by.

And finally, a former student of mine (now a high schooler) inspired a few blog posts; she was quite the unique character, one of my favorites. A sensitive young lady, she wrote poetry, liked to sing, and loved to read (I recently emailed a writing contest entry to her, and she appreciated it.). She could also be quite obstinate, ornery, argumentative, and sharp-tongued (to adults, as well as peers). As rude as she was, she was also wise, street smart, and a very good judge of character; that girl can tell it like it is! She often said that she planned to be a vet; she figured she could get along with animals just fine, "It's people that I hate!" When I went through my local fast-foot drive-thru tonight*, guess who waved and smiled at me from the front counter, sporting the classic uniform! Boy, would I like to be a fly on the wall the first time a customer complains about his/her order!LOL

Just figured I'd fill you in on how things are going at school; never a dull moment...

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