Friday, July 24, 2015

Bedroom Transformation

Summers are good times for for me to paint; every room I've painted in this house was painted during my summer breaks from school. This summer, I decided to repaint our master bedroom, because it had been about ten years since I'd painted it "butterscotch" and even longer since the builder painted the ceiling. I loved the butterscotch color, and so did Mr.4444. I took a few "before" photos...

So pretty in the morning light...

Warm colors and furniture that almost blended in with the walls 
(I only realized after the new paint job.).

Grandma Grace's waterfall-front 1920's dresser, matching vanity, one nightstand, and one lamp.
 The other "nightstand" is an old end table from Mr. 4444's grandma's house, too.
Sorry for the poorly-made bed; that's par for the 4444 family course.

I was going to make it a surprise, but Mr. 4444 stumbled upon my paint stash, so I started on the ceiling over the weekend. It took two gallons of (white) paint to apply two coats. I was thrilled that my shoulders and neck held up just fine! Shout-out to a friend who loaned out his six and eight-foot ladders to add to our 12-footer; this room required all three!


Monday morning, Mr. 4444 went out of town, and two of my nephews came over to tear out the old carpeting for me. Steve (who incidentally hurt his foot while digging a HOLE in the yard) hated to see the carpet go, apparently.

Here, he's begging Caden to put it back
or maybe to stop working and play a little.

While the boys worked on the flooring, I started painting the accent color, gray. 
Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!

My dear sister Mary loves to paint, thank goodness! 
She offered to help and ended up staying all day on Monday and half of Tuesday; 
without her help, I might still be at it!

The blue color, incidentally, is Indigo Batik, from Sherwinn Williams, and it is gorgeous.

Our cat, Ted, tried to get in on the action, too.
Here's Mary pulling him off the third step of the ladder.

I later found him on the top of the six-foot ladder, just hangin' out, little stinker.

More gray accent:

The top of the corner was easier to reach when I could lean the ladder on the wall;
no such luck after the first coat.

Steve was so relieved when I brought the new carpet sample in to get a sneak-peek.
He sat like that for at least 20 minutes, poor thing.

Finally!! Here's a recap comparison for you, as well as a little video tour:

That's an old-time radio stand up there on the right, 
converted by Mr. 4444's grandpa (we assume) into a shelf.

The bedding (Vera Bradley, from Kohls) is silvery gray with blue and slate accents, 
plus the blue coverlet.

Milo loves it.
When I tried to make the bed that morning, he wouldn't cooperate,
so I thanked him profusely.

Only kidding, of course; I've turned over a new leaf
and make it religiously now.
Who wouldn't? It's gorgeous!

And the tour...

So that's my big summer project!
Mr.4444 totally loves it!
He also loves the special present I made for him.

How about you; any summer projects in the works?

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