Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fragments

Got pieces of your frazzled little mind that you don't want to discard but are afraid won't make complete post? Throw them all in a single Friday Fragments post, and feel your mind say, "Thanks. I needed that!" For more on how to join the FF fun, click on the FF button above.

****Okay, now I know this may not seem like a "Friday Fragment," but is absolutely, hands-down my favorite fragment found this week. Michelle sent it to me. Remember her Sassy Saturday post? If you didn't see it, go now, because this will be ten times as funny having seen her x-rated carrots. My favorite fragment this week is a tiny little comment left on Michelle's post, by Linda, of Log Cabin Dreamer. She offered,

"Well...where did you think baby carrots came from? ha ha ha."

So, Linda, I would like you to have this button. Do with it what you will, but know that you are hilarious.
****Have you entered my Giveaway in honor of my 444th post? Well, what are you waiting for? (The last day to enter is Monday, the 26th.) Right now, your odds of winning are about four in 46, which is pretty darned good! (I'm not a mathematician, but that's sort of close.)

****Heard, in the car last weekend, a random comment from a certain teenage daughter, "If I was being forced to drink my own pee, I would do it when it's clear. You know; when you're not dehydrated." I swear, we have never made this girl drink her own pee. Maybe she's been watching too much tv? For more disturbing talk in the car, read my Would You Rather post.

****Made Emeril's Twice-Baked Potato Casserole at Mrs.4444 Cooks this week. Good stuff!

****Found The NieNie Dialogues this week (thanks, Rambler) and found it very, very compelling, probably more than any blog I have ever read. Nie and her husband were in a deadly plane crash in August. Nie started her blog way before that, and it is filled with the happiest, most love-filled posts you will ever read. If you read through her archives, you will be inspired by what an incredible mother and wife she is. Her family has kept her blog up for her since August, and just this week, Nie returned to posting. I encourage you to read her blog and offer your prayers and support for her and her husband.

****Want to join in the Friday Fragments Conga line? Add your FRIDAY FRAGMENT post with Mr. Linky, below. (All other posts will be deleted, sorry.) Don't forget to say hello first!

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