Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #97

Welcome to Friday Fragments, School's Out Edition! WooHoo!!  I know that for some of you stay-at-home moms, summer kicks off three months of pure insanity, but for me, it's 90 days of rejuvenation.  This week, that rejuvenation starts with the purging of random thoughts:

On Thursday, a warm day, we took 6th graders went on a end-of-the-year field trip that included a movie at a local theater. While standing in line for popcorn, one of my students (smiling brightly) glowed, "I brought my pencil in--So it doesn't melt on the bus!"  She held it out for us to see, with a, "See how smart I am?!" look on her face, and I just had to say, "Wow! Great thinking!"  I'm gonna miss her one-liners next year. [In case you're curious, yes, she's the one with Roman knowledge this year.]

I'm very excited to draw at least six winning names from my Gratitude Giveaway commenters (using Random Generator, when I figure out how to do it--HELP!)  It's not too late to enter, and you don't even have to Tweet, Post, or Follow anyone. Come on, let me thank you--Stop by and enter. [Comments will close at midnight tonight.]

Every week, two or three random readers drive-by bloggers link up their random (NOT Friday Fragment) posts to Friday Fragments, and I have to delete them. I find that rude, rude, rude. If you're going to link up to Friday Fragments, how about actually reading the post and following the "house rules?"

Mr.4444's mantra, last weekend, was "Hon, we're camping," in response to numerous observations from myself or the kids. For example....

Kendall: Does my makeup look bad?
Mr.4444: Kendall, we're camping. Don't worry about it."

Me on Day 2 without a shower:  How bad does my hair look?
Mr.4444: Hon, we're camping. You look fine.

Me:  Is this a bird turd on the table?!
Mr.4444:  Hon, we're camping. Don't worry about it."

Important camping supplies: baseball caps and table cloths. Can you think of any others?

Even though I just "met" her tonight, and though she's never even fragmented here, I'm making Mimi (of Living in France) my Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week. She was featured in Unknown Mami's fragments last week, which included this piece of terrific:


Is that awesome, or what? I love it!
Mimi, take this award as a token of my appreciation for your crafting wizardry :)

If you haven't read my post about LMAO around the campfire, do yourself a favor and at least bookmark it for a day you need to laugh.

My mom is so darned sweet. Knowing how busy I've been, she remembered that a month or so ago, I asked her if she had any trumpet vine seeds that I could have to send to a blogging friend. At the time, she had said yes. Today, I received them inside a card Mom mailed to me. Now, if only I could remember who I'm to send the seeds to...Was it you?

As I type this, we are watching America's Got Talent and Taylor Matthews. That kid is wonderful, and watching his dad look on, just bursting with pride and teary eyes was incredibly heartwarming. To see his audition, click here.

Awesome--I feel more relaxed already.  Okay, now don't be that guy/girl. Link up only if you have a Friday Fragments post. Then, stop by and visit some other fragmenters--You'll make someone's day :)


  1. Ugh. People sometimes link up on my Friday posts and they don't link back to me or really have a post relating to my meme at all.
    Also, yeah, bird poop on the table? I don't care if you ARE camping, it's just gross!!

  2. Not a big fan of camping. I do love surprise gifts, tho! And the one MiMi sent Mami rocks.

    Hope it's a great weekend for you kids!

  3. LOL @ that warning about blogging!

    I used to count down the days when I was teaching. Loved it, but the end of the year...not so much.

    I hate when people link up w/o paying attention to what they are linking. I had someone link their giveaway to my Pour Your Heart Out meme this week. I deleted it.

  4. Yea! Schools out! Enjoy every second.
    The bit about camping had me cracking up...
    Happy Friday!

  5. I asked for trumpet vine seeds. Do you still have my email?

    I for one am really glad for you to begin your 90 days off work.

  6. I love it ~We're camping....
    Hope you enjoy your 90days of've earned it!

  7. I have noticed some people in past fragments linking non-fragment posts and it drives me crazy! It just doesn't make any sense to me.
    I hope you have a wonderful summer! I have so much respect for what you do!

  8. You mean pencils don't melt??? LOL funny!

    Yea.. camping has all sorts of fun that goes along with it. Somehow it is fun though.

  9. I camp because I am an amazingly good sport. Last week-end while I was counting the hours until we came home and showered, Keith saw a little Shasta camper and said, "If we didn't have kids, we'd probably have something like that." I said, "If we didn't have kids, I'd be in a hotel." End of discussion.

  10. I *LOVE* camping! I'm low maintenance so it loves me too. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. YAY FOR SCHOOL BEING OUT!! Hope you have your feet up!

    I love that sign and I think that I should put them all over my house...

    Mr. 4's mantra sounds like both my dad and husband. I would hear the same constantly! I wouldn't mind has been too long!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I love to camp, too, even almost love the sweaty, smoky smell we all get. I do, however, have to wash my face and put deodorant on every day, AND brush my teeth. also, sorry that my button is different, I have the one oyu made me on my work pc and I am not at work yet.

  13. I love that sign!!! And it's so true!

    Congrats to another terrific school year! Bring on summer! We can't say that here for another 3 weeks, but I guess I can wait!

    Loved reading about your camping trip. Much better than me having to go camping!

  14. Congratulations on the end of the school year! We'll probably be done in about a week and a half.
    Ugh...camping. I know I'm going to have to learn to do that with TT so into scouting and all, but it is going to take some work. I'd say toilet paper would be a must take item.
    Oh and no, neither this mom nor scout sews. The dry cleaning lady was happy to see us when we dropped off the other day. We are supporting local businesses and all that. ;)

  15. I don't camp. I have camped before and raccoons scratched at my tent all night. Drove me crazy. I can do road trips though. Give me thirty minutes to pack and I'm outta here!

    It wasn't me :)

    Your gratitude giveaway is such a great idea. I can't wait to see who wins a photo from me.

    I can walk you through the random number generator if you'd like. I'll do a little email tutorial when I get home tonight.

    Kristin - The Goat

  16. As I clicked on a link to someones FF post it wasn't a Friday Fragment post at all. It just dawned on me that they don't even read the posts, they just link up. It doesn't feel good to be used.

  17. I'm not a camper. I did it in college because my friends thought it would be fun. Bugs, bug spray, burned hotdogs and lack of bathroom facilities are not my idea of a vacation. :) You are much more adventurous than I.

  18. Congrats on school bein out! I am so jealous!

    I'm not that jealous of camping and no showers and bird poop though.

    Isn't it sooo irritating when people can defragment and follow the rules? What is WRONG with people!

  19. Saving a pencil from melting! Love that and it sounds about like something my little granddaughter, Miss Maya, would come out with too!
    Kids really do say -and often do -the darndest things, don't they?

  20. I never even watch America's Got Talent, but I happened to see that audition and I got all choked up. He's great and I was so happy for his father.

    Yay Mimi!

  21. Thank you for the award!!! : )
    And for featuring my little sign. :)
    My whole brain is fragmented, so pretty much every day of the week is wacky for me.

  22. LOL at the girl that brought in her pencil. That's hilarious.

    I like camping if it's in a camper and good weather. I also worry about how horrible I'm looking as the days go on. Bird poop on the table IS disgusting. Haha!

    Love that plaque of Mimi's.

    Taylor Matthews was great! I don't normally watch that show but there was nothing else on so I did watch and he was awesome. It was really sweet how proud his dad was of him.

    Happy Friday!!

  23. I love America's got talent!

    I can do hiking, but my need to shower regularly and not pee on my feet makes camping tough...

  24. Camping...ugh. I love to be outside, I just don't love to live outside.

  25. Oh I do not like camping; I have a serious problem with OCD..I am working on it my husband so wants to take the grand kids so I'm practicing in the yard with campfires and such..hopefully some day!


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