Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Favorite Things, Lawn/Garden/Garage Edition

This is the final installment in Our Favorite Things series; posts in which we've shared our favorite products (unbiased testimonials about things we love and want to share with friends.)  If this topic doesn't interest you, I highly recommend that you check out this week's Saturday Sampling links--the best/favorite posts from around the web, sure to make you laugh, cry, or just exclaim, "Wow!")  And now, without further ado, my favorite products for lawn/garden/garage:

The mosquitos in Wisconsin have been INSANE this year, due to an incredible span of time with rain, rain, rain.  I won't complain about the rain; we needed it badly, but I could do without the mosquitoes. That's why we practically buy Deep Woods Off by the case. Seriously, I've had to stop Mr.4444 from keeping a can in the bathroom for aftershave; he loves the danged smell so much! Although it does leave a slight stickiness at first, you can't argue with the effectiveness. We love our Deep Woods OFF!

When I asked Mr.4444 what product he would recommend for the garage, he quickly promoted his favorite, contractor-strength garbage bags, which he buys at Home Depot, but I don't know what they're called. (sorry) He also highly recommends Ortho Weed-B-Gone and Round-Up for the lawn. (No, we don't care about dying from pesticides; we care more about being able to run barefoot through the grass :)

That's it for me. This seemed like a good category at the time, but since I'm terrible at gardening, I'm coming up empty on that front. Maybe you can offer a suggestion for getting my rose bush to bloom?  We've had it several years now, and I tried bonemeal (per my green-thumb Mom's suggestion), but Cooper just kept digging up the dirt to get at it, so we had to stop!

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  1. Miracle Grow always worked for Gerard's roses.

  2. We don't quite have the same bug problem here, although the mosquitoes can be bothersome at night.

    I use my share of Roundup though. Plenty of unwanted weeds.

  3. Both Adam and I are equally terrible at gardening. Consequently, my absolute favourite thing for the garden is my gardener.

    Ok, not so much a thing as the loveliest South African man who is old enough to be my dad and ought to be retired but he's so not allowed to because he's worth his weight in gold and I'll never find another gardener as wonderful as he is. Also, if I'm home when he's here working I make a pot of tea and we sit on the front deck and chat for a while and he tells me stories about growing up on a farm in South Africa. I recommend him without hesitation, but that's no help unless you happen to live in my part of the world ;-)

  4. I like Miracle Grow! And my garden weasel! LOL Damned thing works great!

    Looks like Mrs. 4444's doesn't spend much time in the garage, not as many items as the other editions..


  5. We are not fans of the mosquito (who is??) so we love the OFF! Fans. They work like a charm especially if you're going to be sitting in the same place for a little while. We'll put them on around the porch if we know we'll be out there for a while.

  6. He really likes the smell of OFF!? I can't stand it.

    I'm so glad I don't live in a mosquito infested area.

  7. I had a little trouble coming up with appropriate recommendations myself. Hope you like what I did think up! :)

  8. Thankfully we have a screened in patio because the mosquitoes are pretty bad here in Florida, but not nearly as awful as Michigan. I'm sure Wisconsin is mush like Michigan when it comes to skeeters. Deep Woods Off is indeed a fabulous product.

  9. Woohoo...Deep Woods Aftershave, betcha there's a market for it! Heeehhehe!

    I had the same problem with my rose bushes several years ago when I thought it was a good ideal to feed 'em bone meal. Tiger the Wonder Dog wanted the stuff to so dug and dug.

    I have 38 rose bushes and baby they are work. I feed them in the spring with Jackson's and Perkin's once feed rose food. I inject the soil with 3cc's of pig iron to insure rich green leaves. Every two weeks I feed them one tablespoon per foot of Epsom Salt. Twice a week I spray them with a triple fungicide, insecticide and miticide (sp) mixed with a week solution of foliage feed. I chop up my banana peels and toss them under my roses. They are lovers of potassium. I water them deeply twice a week so their roots will grow deep. It is a must that they have at least five hours of sun a day. OK....TMI???? Can't help it I love my roses! :o)

    God bless and have a super summer day sweetie!

  10. my problem with the "off" stuff is - I only think about it after my leg starts itching - too late.

    I have a no-see-um (is that used by cheeseheads?) story but I'm not sure if it would just gross out the readers and make me look stupid.

  11. We like the Weed-b-gone and Round up too. Funny about the Off, a few weeks back I was at an outdoor all day scout activity. I took advantage of a quiet moment to apply aloe gel to a sunburn, and re-apply sunscreen and Off. Three different people asked me within the next half hour what perfume I was wearing, b/c they loved the scent. OFF!


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