Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fragments, 100th Edition!!

Holy cow!! It's the 100th Edition of Friday Fragments!! If you think about it, combining all our fragments over the last couple of years (no, I'm far too lazy to actually count them), we've probably unloaded (conservatively) 10,000 random thoughts, observations, pearls of wisdom fragments together. That's pretty impressive, no? Thanks for joining me! [for more info on FF and how to play nice, click the FF button above :]

To celebrate, I'm going to give you 100 fragments about me. JUST KIDDING! (I hate those things, BTW.)

***In Wisconsin today, you can still smoke in a bar. Come July 5th, though, that will change. I didn't think a lot of it until I went to Madison (smoke free for a while now, I guess) last week and saw nary a cigarette in the three days I was there. Wow-It's really nice to be able to wear anything to a bar without worry about it (or you) reeking of smoke when you get home. I rarely even saw anyone smoking outside. It was strange and very nice.

***Also interesting about Madison was the fact that there seems to be a greater danger of getting run over by a bike than by a car; lots of people bike in Madison, and they seem serious about it! Overall, I really enjoyed the visit and felt like I was in Seattle again.

***Yesterday, after watching Jannie's silly video in response to my Vlogging FAIL video, I somehow ended up at The Levity Project's website and found the Smile Micromovement. I'm very excited to contribute to this very fun cause. All you have to do is send a 5-10 second video clip that involves you smiling. Interested? Check out their Car-Dancing Movement from this spring and see if you don't get inspired!

***That Caution--She is so brilliant. This is her once-again prize-winning fragment from last Friday:

Lesson 2: Those film marks on the inside of the windshield which you don't notice until you are driving your children to school against the sunrise? Erase them with a dry erase eraser. The eraser will also do wonders for wiping smudges from the screen of your phone.

What a great idea! I am so going to try this. Thanks, Caution! You win the prize again.

***Our Favorite Things Kitchen and Bathroom editions are up and running. Tune in Monday for the Pantry Edition (including all favorite food products.) Remember, these are products you aren't selling and haven't received perks to promote. I love hearing from real moms and dads about products you like, so why not join in and share your opinions?

***The mom of one of my students died, unexpectedly, a few days ago, from a previously- undiscovered medical issue. I knew her fairly well, and her passing stirred a lot in me, but I have come to terms with it now. She leaves a husband and two young daughters (7th and 10th grades) behind. If you are the praying kind, would you please put in a good word for them? Thanks.

***Wisconsin Mommy's King Zhu Pets Giveaway is underway! I'm sure everyone knows at least one kid who would love to win these! It's a very generous package, and right now, your odds of winning are great, so don't be afraid to check it out!

***Mr.4444 and I have been shocked and amused by the Schick Quattro Trimstyle woman's razor commercial, which shows bushes being magically trimmed in a variety of shapes as beautiful women go about their lives. I'm sure some people are put off by this commercial and find it incredibly tacky, but we think it's hilarious.

***I am so dying to overhaul this blog template, but I am just overwhelmed by the whole idea; there's just so much to move!!! Would anyone like to move me for free? Hm. I thought not. Maybe by the end of summer...

***SuburbanWow, an interactive morning chat show hosted by the talented Melisa of Suburban Scrawl and special guest Martha, will be livestreaming Friday morning here. Stop by to say hi!

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  1. Congrats on 100!

    That commericial makes me giggle.

    Saying a prayer for the family. I can't even imagine.

  2. Caution is awesome...and I still say you were AWESOME on your flog!

    So sad about your student's mom. We've had quite a few unexpected deaths lately.

    Sending hugs!!

  3. Really? Do we need to see "stuff" (that's mine and Hubby's word for..."ahems") being shaved on TV? Most of me is quite put off, but I admit, I'm laughing a little. ;-)

    So sorry about your student's mom! Saying a prayer right now...

  4. I will totally redo your template for you-- I can't DESIGN it, but if you pick it, I'll do it. I love that kinda stuff- Blogger has SO MUCH freedom too for templates and sidebar stuff, etc.

    Loved the dry eraser tip, thank you! :)

  5. My heart is aching for the family of the mother that passed away. I am so sorry.

    Happy 100 Fragments!

  6. Congrats on hitting 100 Friday Fragments! 10,000 random thoughts is impressive!

    So sorry for the loss of the mom of one of your students. That is so sad! I will pray for comfort for all!

  7. Congrats on 100, woohoo!!

    So sad about your student's mom. My prayers are with them.

    Great tip about the dry erase marker!

    Man, I'm wishing I had TV right now, so I could see that ad. I bet it's a hoot! ;D

  8. In our county there's no smoking in any indoor places. I LOVE it!

  9. I LOVE the fact that people can't smoke in places around here. Especially restaurants. I never enjoyed it wafting over the barrier during my meals. That darn smoke was always breaking the smoking section rules!

  10. HAPPY 100 FF!!

    I still haven't been to Madison... Maybe soon.

    I always wear something that I wore once already to a bar. I don't like wearing something that I just pulled out of the wash to stinks! :) But around here I don't know how many people will actually follow this rule...

  11. Thank-you, Mrs. 4444, although the brilliant moniker will fade when you learn that I can't clean my house or remember to zip my pants. And right now there's a car window that's been left wide open all night and I'm sure that mosquitoes have been busy building a new sub-division in there.

    I am heart-broken any time a young person loses a parent. That family is surely in my prayers.

    Congrats on 100!! You have to know you run one of the best blogs ever, you clever lady. Here's to 100 more :)

    P.S. Michigan has had smoke-free bars for a few weeks now. You know what we got in exchange? Mountains of cigarette butts outside every bar and restaurant.

  12. Sad indeed for the husband and two children left behind when their mom and his wife passed away.
    Regarding smoking, when Hubby and I moved from southern CA to NE two years ago we were used to smoke free environments and the first week here we walked into a family style restaurant and immediately were almost choking from the smoke...the waitress asked us "smoking or non smoking section" and we replied it would all be the same and she said she could seat us the furthest from smoking section but we said it would still be smoking section, the entire room was smoking room and we left. The laws changed a year later, so that restaurant and all the other public places had to make a major adjustment. The public spaces are just now not smelling like smoke still.

  13. Oh my... that is so sad...

    Congrats on 100 - unbelievable!

    And I cant get Mr. Linky to work.. boo!

  14. Congrats on the 100! Quite the accomplishment! Maybe I'll buy you the bikini trimming kit that was advertised on TV last night. Watching the ad with my husband and18 year old and 15 year old sons was not awkward at all! The kit even comes with a mini rake to tame the wild things.

  15. Happy 100th!!

    When I'm in WI at the bars, it still floors me that one CAN smoke. I'm used to the smokeless bars and restaurants here!

    Good luck on the overhaul. I feel the need to change often, but I wish I were a little better at the technical side!

  16. The first time that I saw that commercial I had a hard believing that I was really seeing what I was seeing. Hilarious!

  17. Ha Ha Ha... Bush whacking... OMG, that is like the radio commercials here about this place that I guess does electolysis and the morning show host keeps telling us about how she doesn't have to shave anymore AND her bikini area is amazing... Really? And you wonder why you are on the speed dating track... Bless her heart, I hope they pay her well! :)

    I am sorry for your loss. I am of the praying kind and will include them in my prayers.

    Congrats to #100! :) I love this blog!!!

  18. Wow, you mean Tn. isn't the last state in the country to do something good? Unbelievable! It's extremely nice to go into a restaurant/bar and not have to breathe in smoke, even in the non-smoking section.

  19. Wow, congrats on the 100th Friday Fragments! That sure is a lot of fragments.
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your student's mother, what a heartbreaking situation.
    I've seen the commercial, a friend of mine shared the youtube clip with me. Man O Mine and I laughed our heads off.

  20. Lol! Now I really want to see that commercial! ;D

  21. That commercial....hilarious! I mean, come on, subliminal message much? lol

    Thanks for the tip on the Zhu Pets Giveaway, I'll go check it out.

    I'm praying for your student and her family. So tragic.

    Happy Friday!

  22. Happy Centablog?

    I will submit soon. (FF silly)

    You were mentioned in good favor this morning on S-Wow.

    : )

  23. I adore smoking bans. And Madison! It's so weird and crunchy.

    Sending prayers for that family...

  24. Congratulations on 100 Friday Fragments! Congratulations to Caution once again too, who really does post the best FF stories. When we went away recently and walked into a restaurant where people were smoking I was quite horrified - you forget that the ban is not universal and now I really detest going to places where smoking is allowed, especially restaurants.

  25. hanging a hundy on the fragments ...woohoo that rocks =) I hope your weekend is great!

  26. 100 fragments? Really? Awesome. :)

  27. !00th edition!! that is pretty great! Congratulations... that is if one is supposed to congratulate for these type of things... in any case have an umbrella drink or cocktail to celebrate and I'll have an excuse to join you!

    I skipped all the darn blog hopping this week... sure I want folks to find the blog but I really ENJOY all your fragmenters so this is enough of a party for me! Thanks so much for hosting!

  28. 100 such a good number - did you actually start FF?

    Well I went over and watched that lady's shaving ad - I love funny ads. I have another blog called Another Circus filled with them. How could anyone be upset by that commercial unless they are upset that women shave hair from various parts?
    Really I didn't think the ad was even that funny. They could of made funny by having some weird shaped bush show up. Like maybe the Z shape or something.

  29. 100! It's hard to believe!

    So sorry to hear about your student's mother.

  30. no frags this week as instead I've posted the mystery quilt!!

    and please pick a template that loads faster! yours comes up in stages...first everything's green...then brown...then the pictures...about an hour later (well, sorta) I can read the post!

  31. I finally joined in on your FF fun.

    I guess I should NOT wait for another 100 to go by.

  32. Congrats on 100! What a great accomplishment.

    I'm totally adding "dry erase eraser" to my shopping list. Gonna check out what other good ideas Caution has.

    Making changes to blog templates is a lot of work. I'm contemplating the same thing and just can't muster the energy. So maybe when you do yours, you can do mine. Please?

    Will check out the Smile Micromovement. My kids are forever taking photos/videos of themselves with the webcam.

  33. I saw the car dancing video on The Levity Project a few months ago. I love their attitude and perspective on life. You should have had a video of you laughing yourself silly while camping to send them.

    Now that's just plain funny. An actual commercial showing bush trimming? LMAO.

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear about her death. So young. I hope the kids are doing okay.

    Dry erase to eliminate film? Who knew. Thanks for the tip.

    And congratulations for 100 FF posts. It's a testament to your readership.

  34. Congrats on your 100th FF edition. Good luck on the next 100.

  35. Our whole state is smoke-free in public places. I LOVE it!

    Congrats on your 100th edition! You are a trooper.

  36. LOVE the dry erase idea, and I'm so using it. Tomorrow.

    And the smoking thing? I'm used to it in IL, and whenever I go to WI and see people smoking inside, I get so annoyed, remember that it's still legal there, and well ... I'm still annoyed ;) Can't wait for July 5 there!

  37. I know I'm late getting to it, but I finally got around to hitting a few of the other fragmenters. Such fun to read!


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